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Cimarron is an established community in Okotoks, which retains a small-town feel even though it is one of the fastest growing urban centers in Canada. We have three schools within the community, which provides families with a safe, walk-to-school environment that is hard to find in Calgary.

Cimarron Okotoks is an exemplary community in Okotoks near Calgary; it bestows the lifestyle you have alwaysdreamed of. The lifestyle and architecture of the magnificent place is what makes living in Okotoks the ideal place for you and your family. The country-like atmosphere is designed with houses and villas with a modern touch. The green space around the houses brings nature right to you. The community is built around the natural stream of admirable features like the Sheep River and the Escapade. You and your family can enjoy various outdoor activities with the facilities, amenities and parks in Okotoks. Fishing and riding bikes in a friendly, safe and ideal environment are daily activities within the community. Not a day will go by that is not memorable with all the incredible surroundings and features.


Okotoks provides the desired community you have always been seeking, the friendly and welcoming community of residents will welcome you in every way. Join a happy and healthy lifestyle full of courteous people, who engage with the most incredible activities encouraged all around. Cimarron is a state-of-the-art destination designed to bring the country lifestyle to you, making your dreams come true is all aspects.

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