Tristar has specialized in building master planned communities. Its strategies successfully merge residential, recreation and commercial developments in order to create communities that offer a diverse range of home styles and all the amenities, right in the neighborhood.

Tristar builds communities that are environmentally sensitive and creates healthy living spaces. Designed for families at every stage, Tristar communities feature affordable homes for the first-time buyer, it offers multiple options for the move-up buyers and satisfies the most sophisticated taste for estate home design.

Architectural guidelines are put in place to further enrich the beauty and value of every Tristar development. The company brings an immense contribution to everything adjacent to its master communities, from schools to parks and protecting the environment.

It’s more than a neighborhood…every Tristar community is a lifestyle.


Rahim Lakhoo, Vice President Land, Tristar Communities
Accomplished with an educational background of a BSC, and MSc in Engineering, Rahim Lakhoo began his career in the land development industry in 1975 as a consultant for Walker Newby & Associates. By 1979 Rahim joined the firm of CEP Consultants Ltd as Principal, where alongside his team was involved in the planning, engineering, providing and implementing of all necessary services to various land developers in Calgary. Over the years, Rahim has been extensively involved in a variety of prominent communities such as Sandstone, Beddington, Abbeydale, Cedarbrae, Woodbine, Coral Springs, and Douglasdale to name a few..

With such thorough and comprehensive industry knowledge and experience, Rahim has come to be one of the influential founding partners of Tristar Communities Inc. His key role is to oversee the overall strategy, growth and direction of the company boasting a proven and successful track record.

Moez Moledina, General Manager, Tristar Communities
Moez Moledina entered the land development industry in 1982 working as an accountant for Genstar Development Company in Edmonton. With over 20 years’ experience at Genstar, Moez was able to work in and provide for all key facets of the land development industry, involving himself as a pinnacle member in such departments as Accounting, Administration, Operations to Sales and Marketing. Providing such a vast array of knowledge and experience, Moez was involved in the successful design and construction of numerous key communities both in Edmonton and Calgary areas. His collaboration over the years with such municipalities as City of Edmonton, City of St. Albert, City of Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, City of Calgary and the Town of Okotoks has directly attributed to the success of structuring, planning and executing of master planned communities across Alberta.

Today, complementing his partners, Moez oversees the day to day operations and applications inherent in the success and growth of Tristar Communities Inc.

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