In an active community like Cimarron that’s filled with young families, there are always events that lead to sprains, broken bones and lacerations. Not to mention incidents such as asthma attacks, dehydration, fever, earaches, eye injuries, or other conditions that cannot wait for attention a family physician.

Thank goodness for the Okotoks Health and Wellness Centre!

Open from 8am to 10pm 7 days per week, this urgent care centre is conveniently located at the corner of Cimarron Blvd and Cimarron Common, and staffed by a devoted team of nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians.

The Centre is also supported by on-site access to diagnostic imaging and X-Ray department and a full-service laboratory, which can be accessed by patients who have been referred by their family physician.

Urgent healthcare clinics are designed to be a cross between hospital emergency rooms and walk-in clinics, responding to the public need for convenient access to unscheduled medical care (of the non-life-threatening variety), that requires same-day treatment. They are distinguished by the scope of illness treated and facilities available on-site. Patients with life-threatening illnesses and injuries are stabilized and transported to an emergency department.

All patients of the Okotoks Health and Wellness Centre are prioritized for attention according to the urgency of their health condition, assuring that people with critical concerns receive the prompt care that they need. You will be assessed on arrival by a registered nurse and triaged for care accordingly.

The Centre offers a broad range of services to the community, including blood pressure monitoring, children’s health services, Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies programs, environmental public health services, immunizations, respiratory therapy, and sexual and reproductive health care services, diabetes education, and programs to maximize the independence of children with special needs.

Community Health services provided by the Okotoks Health and Wellness Centre include a range of prenatal and postpartum services, including Early Start postpartum telephone support.

The Centre also coordinates many important programs for wellness in the community.

  • Education and/or counselling on a variety of topics such as nutrition, safety, family violence, infant/child growth and development, through home visits, telephone calls, parenting classes, and well-child immunization clinics.
  • Education and support to adults and seniors, in their homes and at wellness sites, on topics such as aging, use of medications, substance abuse, nutrition and family violence.
  • Collaboration with other Alberta Health Services divisions and external agencies and organizations to promote health in the community.
  • Assistance in preventing and controlling the spread of communicable diseases for all age groups, through immunization and surveillance programs, in clinics, schools and community sites.
  • Public health nursing time and support to all schools in the region. The Centre works in partnership with school communities to promote health and develop strong, supportive communities.
  • Teachers, parents and students can consult with a public health nurse for nursing assessment of concerns about physical, emotional or social well-being.
  • Also distinctive in the programs offered by the Okotoks Health and Wellness Centre are Adult Day Support Programs, designed to assist people who have physical and/or memory challenges or are living with a chronic illness. These programs have a double focus: they provide clients with a regular outing one or two times a week and give caregivers an important break.

Adult Day Support Programs provide six hours a day of:

  • Family Caregiver respite, support and information;
  • The company of others with similar health care needs supported by trained care staff;
  • Nutritious meals and snacks;
  • Recreational programming;
  • Activities and exercise programs to improve health;
  • Opportunities for rest;
  • Basic personal care;
  • Monitoring of blood pressure and weight;
  • Assistance with medication.

The Okotoks Health and Wellness Centre coordinates local delivery for the Aids to Daily Living Program. This team of health professionals assesses clients and provides authorization for the following benefits:

  • bathing and toileting equipment;
  • walkers and walking aids;
  • wheelchairs (manual and power);
  • wheelchair cushions and accessories;
  • back supports;
  • catheter supplies;
  • compression garments;
  • incontinence supplies;
  • mastectomy prostheses (for those under 65 years).

Be prepared for a little delay in delivery, as it takes about 2-3 weeks notice to get an in-home assessment, and then can be anywhere from one week to three months for delivery of equipment after assessment.

Eligible clients pay 25% of the cost to a maximum of $500.00 per family per AADL benefit year (July 1 – June 30). Low income clients may be exempt from cost sharing but not exempt from payment of upgrade amounts. AADL provides funding assistance to insulin dependant diabetics through the Alberta Monitoring for Health Program. Call 1-800-267-7532 for further information.

Patients of the Okotoks Health and Wellness Centre will be quick to confirm that the quality of the customer experience is very high.

For more information please contact HEALTHLink at 1-866-408-LINK (5465), or call the Okotoks Health and Wellness Centre at 403-995-2600.

In case of emergency dial 911.

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